Gliding possum becomes popular pet

A possum known as the sugar glider, which is native to Australia and New Guinea, is becoming a popular pet in Britain.

The furry squirrel-like animals, whose name derives from their ability to glide between trees, can race up curtain poles and glide across a room with ease.
Their bushy tail, which is similar in length to their six-inch long bodies, is used for stability and steering.
They were first bred in captivity in America, 10 years ago, and are said to make good pets because of their lively and inquisitive nature.
They have now started to turn up in the British pet market with a handful of breeders setting up in business.
Because the marsupials are so rare and so unusual, people are paying up to £150 to own one.
Sian Bailey, a breeder and trainee veterinary nurse in Southampton, said: "Sugar gliders are becoming more common as pets and people are travelling all over the country to get them.
"They have a membrane which stretches out to help them glide in the air which is quite fascinating to watch.
"In the wild they can glide up to 200ft to escape predators and find food but domesticated ones run up curtain poles and glide across a room for exercise.
"They are very cute. However they do require a lot of care and attention - far more than a cat or dog."
Sugar Gliders needed to be kept in a large cage similar to an aviary filled with tubes and places to hide as they enjoy running around, she added.
"They are nocturnal creatures so I let mine out every night for a few hours so they can glide and stretch their legs.
"My male glider loves running up the curtain rail and jumping off and gliding through the room."