What others say about Violet Darkling

With today's fast paced society, you need to think quickly on your feet and be smart when shopping, but most of all you need to be informed...informed & informed again. 

Global Blue spotted the shoppers' necessity for constant information and here offers a complex guidebook to the world's greatest shopping cities, the hottest brands, people and places, plus great ways of saving when shopping tax free. They promote the tax rebate and make it easier for tourists to claim it back when shopping in foreign countries. 
What a lovely evolution of our society. 

According to Global Blue- Tax Free Shopping saves money for more than 44,000 people each day at 270,000 locations in 37 countries - this means savings of up to 19 per cent! 
Bear this in mind when you next shop abroad....

Global Blue's guide to the world's hottest brands warmly embraced Violet Darkling, placing her among notorious brands such as McQueen, Solange Azagury-Partridge and  Boucheron to name a few.  It is needless to mention that London is one of the best world's shopping destinations, but you must definitely know that it's becoming well-known for the local jewellery designers who use their talent and imagination to make the grotesque look pretty. Violet Darkling is more than proud to see that Global Blue understood the exact story behind the brand as these words certainly brought a smile on her mysterious face:

"Richwhite’s juxtaposition of fierce creatures with attractive details gives them femininity..."

Find here the whole story written by Fiona McKenzie for Global Blue.