London through Louisa Richwhite's spectacles

Denizen is an exquisite magazine born in New Zealand and provides its readers with insight into subjects such as style, gastronomy, well being, fashion and unique travel recommendations from the most spectacular cities in the world. And who could they ask for valuable suggestions besides those true adventurers, the ones who live and breathe the art of living well? In Denizen, you will meet a group of exciting people who dared to declare how to draw in colour, a perfect list of things to do in great cities such as London. Violet Darkling's designer, Louisa Richwhite has carefully selected her favourite places in London, accepting to share with Denizen some of London hottest treasures from her perspective. 

From the Electric Cinema, which carries out 102 years of history; where each and every time Louisa falls in love with an old bureau at the entrance with cubby holes full of lollies, to Barts- a tiny, intimate, cool bar located on a 'not-so-easy-to-find' street in Chelsea, you will discover some great places to enjoy in the highly animated London. Here you are privileged to read the full list of her recommendations. The rest is up to you Darklings, how you choose to explore London.