Jacky Tsai's spectacle- The Floral Skull

It is certain that skulls are not a new phenomena in the world of fashion or art, so anyone  who possesses even a little knowledge about fashion or culture could confirm this fact. 

Over the years, skulls have been interpreted and re-interpreted in ways which are more or less creative as they symbolise the taboo subject- Death. I don’t know if you ever sat down and thought for a minute or two at the analogy between fashion and death, but there is no doubt this is a subject of a great and in depth debate. Fashion itself, with its ‘birth’ and ‘death’ cycle of trends and nostalgia is associated with death and you cannot deny this, Darklings. Still, this article won't treat this complex issue, as Violet Darkling plans to inform you about a different matter... 

If you think of a simple skull, you know it is not a very glamorous or good-looking object, but it’s the artist, with his innovative vision, who makes it so spectacular and mesmerising to the public eye. 

In our case Jacky Tsai, one of Violet's favourite artists, accepted the challenge of showing the world that skulls are not yet old fashioned. 

He adorned the human skull with flowers, played with shapes and colours; and created a totally different concept of skull- the FLORAL SKULL- a contrast between delicate and dark elements.  

In other words, his vision is to design a unique marriage between traditional Eastern craftsmanship with contemporary Western pop art in order to show his fascination of bringing together cultural extremes through art. 

His iconic Floral Skull made for Alexander McQueen during the time he worked in pattern design for the brand is real proof of his widely recognised talent and vision.

But the story doesn't stop here. Now the artist has developed an amazing 5 foot tall skull sculpture elaborately covered in leather flowers. This captivating project took 15 needle smiths, 300 days and nights and 1,000 leather pieces stitched together with one million stitches to finish
This is beyond amazing!  

Jacky Tsai's artistic spectacle can be seen in prints, drawings, sculptures and he is currently working on launching his own fashion line. Great minds never rest!

Violet Darkling reserved a wall into her magical crib to hang this great masterpiece, as a tribute to its creator, Jacky Tsai.