Fashion Week Winners

Well Darklings, as you already know, the vibrant season of Fashion Week has come to an end. So, after constantly watching what designers created for the next season, Violet Darkling presents her winners - four carefully selected outfits that caught her critical eye.

First dress in the spotlight is from the Valentino show, which took place in Paris and revealed fairytales through dresses. The collection is inspired by the Flemish paintings and is the ideal image of a woman in a private moment - the elegance and fluidity which falls and caresses the skin, the sheer fabric perfectly covers the legs leaving room for mystery. The hair braiding that depicts a princess who lives in a castle hidden deep in the woods who can only be seen by a few privileged people in a magical and unreal world.

Valentino Fall 2013

The second dress selected tells the story of a very sophisticated, fragile and strong woman. There is a sculptural quality to Alberta Feretti’s creations. This violet velvet dress is a mixture of timeless elegance and daring modernity pointed out by the pockets that provide a relaxed aura to the lucky bearer of this amazing dress. Well, it is clear to see that we are dealing with a show from Milan Fashion Week.

Alberta Feretti Fall 2013

Back to London, at Giles show, the atmosphere was more relaxed, electric and theatrical rather than cut from a fairytale and placed on the bright scene. Here, the word ‘daring’ is used in its full sense, or in other words, we have in front of our eyes the courageous combination of a silky, long, fluid dress teamed with a chunky wool knit beanie, pale pink in contrast to the skin colour. This is simply a beautiful combination and contradiction. While others described the collection as being a cross between high art and pop culture, Violet Darkling knows one thing - that she would definitely wear this dramatic outfit in her nocturnal adventures in the deep woods in search of new adventures. 

                                                                                                                 Giles Fall 2013         

Our fashion weeks’ journey finishes with a Moschino outfit which comes straight from the historic and sunny city of Milan. The well-known sarcasm of Franco Moschino himself may not be visible here, but Violet Darkling certainly fell in love with these shoes combined with black socks. What a successful, lovely, bold combination we have here! Another detail that caught our eyes is the white collar in waves decorated with those two round buttons and the matching wristbands. If you haven’t already seen the collection, you should definitely take a look as it is a true ode to the United Kingdom! Notice the models walking down the ramp, they look like twins. What a smart way to show the variation in the garments that completes the nonconformity of this great, super show.

                                                                                                  Moschino  Fall 2013