Animal of the month- Tarsier!

In a world full of news about business, economy and politics or about the changing times that we live in and the Internet revolution, I am sure that maybe without recognising, your exhausted minds need a different type of information. Well, if you feel this is you, then you should read our short description of a unique and quirky nocturnal creature, which seems to be consciously created to bring a smile on your face. Well, the Filipino Tarsier is the main character of our narrative and it was named after his long impressive anklebone.

Here there are some facts about it:

Tarsier has powerful legs and long fingers that he uses to jump and climb. 

It is one of nature’s smallest, cutest primates and just in case you didn’t notice the 
      Tarsier has very large eyes – they are the largest in proportion to its body of any animal. 

If you wonder why it’s staring straight all the time, then you need to know that he is not trying to hypnotise anyone. It is just that his eyes are so big that they cannot rotate in their eye sockets, so the tarsier must stare and swivel his neck up to 180 degrees to look at something. How bizarre!

Within one day of being born it can climb a tree!

Violet Darkling was completely hypnotized by this little nocturnal creature, so in the late hours of the night she studied its features and amazing skull with her magical magnifier and she decided to show the world how astonishing the Tarsier is. And, as you probably already know, the rest is history as the designer Louisa Richwhite has designed an array of jewellery pieces such as rings, necklaces, bracelet, and cufflinks for both men and women all inspired by the skull of the little Philippine Tarsier. 

Tarsier Necklace

Tarsier Ring