A short read about a different ‘Mother’

This story is about a different ‘Mother’, who was born in an unusual ‘house’ and who offered a different type of advice. Her name was Mother Shipton and according to current data, she first saw daylight in 1488, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, in a cave by the river Nidd, which now bears her name. This mysterious character who captures the attention of any Darkling eager for an imaginary adventure of 15th century England.

Mother Shipton prophesised many things during her lifetime, including the Civil War, the dissolution of the monasteries, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Nevertheless, many of the rhymes are obscure and like many obscure riddles - such as those of Nostradamus - can be moulded to fit a number of events. And as any soothsayer from ancient times, she is said to have a not-so-pretty face by any stretch of imagination. Well, it is certain that as time flies historical events and characters are covered by a cloud of fog, leaving room for imagination. So, whatever the truth is, Violet Darkling’s thirst for an imaginary adventure was pleased for the moment. Has it tickled your imagination?

For some more quirky curiosity, here is one of her mystical predictions for the world.

‘ Not every soul on earth will die, As the dragon’s tail goes sweeping by, Not every land on earth will sink, But these will wallow in stench and stink, Of rotting bodies of beast and man, Of vegetation crisped on land.’

The existing lands will be littered with bodies of humans, animals and burned vegetation, although all humans will not die during the “Judgement Day”.