I am currently in South Africa looking for inspiration for new designs, and yesterday I came across these hilarious creatures! I visited the Cheetah Outreach in Capetown, a wildlife sanctuary aimed at maintaining their survival – there are only 7,500 left worldwide and fewer than 1,000 here in Africa.
Whilst we were admiring these majestic cats at the sanctuary we couldn’t help but notice the fox’s notorious pointy ears popping up from hidden holes off the dirt track! Known for their enormous ears, this may well be my new favourite nocturnal animal. 
These guys are insectivores, and their meals consist of grasshoppers, lizards, termites - and if they're feeling adventurous- small birds. 

Sadly bat-eared foxes only have a lifespan of six years and the two main populations are here in South Africa and the other in East Africa. They can also be found in Namibia, Botswana, southern and western Zimbabwe and western parts of South Africa.