WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!!! Amazing creations by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera has taken furniture, chairs in particular, to a whole new level. Never have I seen anything like this. He is the creator of these animalistic chairs, the first one being the Octopus. Riera claims that the animals on his chairs are biologically detailed. His collections will comprise of  15 different creations which include animals from mammals and reptiles to insects and sea life. For now, he has covered the Octopus followed by the Rhino, Walrus, Elephant and the Whale.

Maximo Riera is a Spanish artist whose work is inspired by his travel and experiences with vibrant use of colour and detail. For example the elephant chair, has beautifully carved Indian patterns in the front legs and is comprised of hand-made pieces of furniture from India.

I am simply astonished at the attention to detail given to these fine pieces of art. Riera works with 30 professional craftsmen. He has retired from the medical industry and is fully committed to his studio in Cadiz, where he paints and sculpts everyday. Which means we will get to see more of these amazing chairs, and I am super excited to see the Beetle that is coming soon.
Bring it on!!!!

Have a looksy at more of Maximo's work HERE!