J Penry

The Guilty Have No Pride.....J.Penry

A shout out to all the art lovers out there, I present to you  J. Penry.

He has had an impact on my designs and has continued to inspire me. If you have lived in Brooklyn, you would have probably come across his art and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

J. Penry is an artisit and part time DJ, whose main inspiration comes from animals, comprising Pet Portraits from Rasta puppies to Zombie cats. He has worked on everything from pet portraits to concert flyers, t-shirts and tattoos.

He describes his work as "Cross-Hatchy" and hopes it conveys his quirky taste in popular culture. All I can say is that his hilarious art work caught my eye. He has been compared to Raymond Pettibon for his comic-like style and has the ability to cross borders and genres. He creates art to simply create it, and has no intention of generating buzz. This honesty and passion is what I admire about him.

If only I could get him to create a portrait of my pet dog Mungle *sigh*. Penry are you listening!!!!

Check out more of his work here