EG Studio explores the style, greatest weakness and prized posessions of Violet Darkling designer Louisa!

Violet Darkling designer Louisa Richwhite, had the privaledge of being interviewed by 
jewellery legend Elizabeth Galton!
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14 Mar 2012 13:48:22

Designer & Director of Violet Darkling

Place of Birth:
Auckland, New Zealand
 Current Residence:
Notting Hill, London
 Astrological sign:
Ideal Place of Residence:
It’s too hard to pick one place!
I would love to eventually move back to New Zealand. I love Skiing, so if I was able to spend part of the year in a ski resort that would be perfect! Maybe Aspen…?

What is your Brand ethos?
Violet Darkling’s ethos combines the originality of the inspiration and design concept, relating every aspect of the brand to nocturnal creatures and the night. We have also focused a lot of attention on the quality of design and craftsmanship, with every piece of Violet Darkling jewellery being assembled from silver components, then hand assembled and hand finished. We also take great care in the quality and clarity of the stones used in each piece. We really want our jewellery to be a step ahead of our competitors and portray a true meaning of “Dark Luxury”.
Tell us about the materials you work with?
Working with some of the finest craftsmen in the industry, all of the jewellery is cast in solid sterling silver and plated in black rhodium, 18ct rose or yellow gold. All pieces are available on request in solid 18ct gold, and can be customised. Every care is taken to ensure the superior quality is second to none and only semi precious and precious stones of an exceptional cut and quality are used, including Tourmaline, Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Sapphires and Diamonds. 
Why the name?
I invented Violet Darkling as my alter ego.
Violet is ‘a girl of the night’.  I imagine her as being cute but naughty with a Victorian-esque style. She’s fascinated by all things to do with the dark and the night….Fierce little nocturnal animals, nice dreams and nightmares. She is like a creature of the night herself. It is during these hours when her imagination runs riot, seeing and believing things are real. All these experiences inspire her.
I love having a personality I can hide behind.
What is your favorite phrase?
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to end; it's about learning to dance in the rain"
What is your greatest weakness when it comes to clothing or accessories?
Live in Dr Denim jeans, because they have the coolest styles and are nice and stretchy- I’m all about comfort.
I have quite a collection of men’s beanies, I love that they are oversized and simple… they are like my comfort blanket.
Hello Kitty socks are another weakness of mine, I think they are super cute!

Who’s got the most distinctive style, dead or alive?
Karl Lagerfeld, he always wears the same thing.
What attire would you not be caught dead in?
Ill-fitting jeans, and a hairpiece that doesn’t match my hair colour or texture; they are so obviously fake.
Who is your favorite Designer?
Arrr, today I am obsessed with Jeremy Scott, I just bought a pair of his 
Mickey Mouse trainers.  I also love PPQ!

For which famous person would you most like to give a style makeover and what would you do?
I would love to give Taylor Momsen a bit of a ‘tone down’. I think it’s great that she has her own style, and she doesn’t care what the press or anyone thinks.
I would leave her long blonde hair the way it is, soften her dark smoky eyes, and persuade her to get into the sun every once in a while.
It’s important to keep her individual style or she wouldn’t be true to herself and would blend in with the crowd. I would dress her cute and sexy, not slutty and sexy, and throw in some colour.
She has so much potential to look super cute, as we’ve seen on Gossip Girl.
She owns a Violet Darkling Gold and Amethyst Tarsier pendant…so maybe she’s on her way to improving!

Stylistically, what is your favorite movie?
It’s not a movie, but I love the costumes in the BBC drama The Crimson Petal and the White, which is set during Victorian times in dark atmospheric London. The outfits are very Violet Darkling and so inspiring. I highly recommend watching this drama not only for the style but it is a great story and very captivating!

What make a person stylish’?
Individuality. People who dress to suit their character and dress for no one 
else but themselves.
What is your most prized possession?
My Pomeranian Mungle Weasel! And my chimpanzee candelabra- Love love!

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