Golden Orb-weaver spider cape

Spiders hard at work

It's been eight years in the making and  took 1.2 million spiders to make.
The Victoria and Albert museum were proud hosts to one of the most spectacular
pieces of craftsmanship, and unusually, woven by spiders.

The spiders in question are Golden Orb-weaver spiders found in Madagascar.
The rich yellow colour is the natural colour of the spiders silk. Each thread is made
from 96 strands of the spiders silk. The silk itself is collected by harnessing the
spiders to a silk machine, which then collects the silk.

We LOVE the spiders embroidered into the front panel.
If your not keen on wearing spider silk we have a great alternative....
Perhaps we could temp you with a silver spider necklace.... and earrings to match?

Solid Silver necklace with 18K rose gold plated spider

18K rose gold earrings with silver spider