Flash Trash

Oh my.... Flash trash!

It seems we can do nothing wrong in the eyes of My Flash Trash.
We are lucky enough to once again, be featured on the super trendy
 Jewellery website! Have a read..... What do you think?


Glamour, Tatler, Vogue and Wonderland to name but a few are just some examples of the prestigious press Violet Darkling has received over the years, gaining them celebrity fans such as Rihanna, Jessica Szohr and Bip Ling. My Flash Trash just had to have some.

The genius behind the beauty of Violet Darkling is Louisa Richwhite. Louisa derives her inspiration from "darkness" , her childhood in New Zealand and all things nocturnal, which is evident in her elegant yet eclectic designs; skulls and pink gems, wolves with Sapphire's for eyes. Louisa has said that she has a desire to make life just a little more magical, and there is no denying she has done just that!

It’s the juxtaposition that makes Violet Darkling so iconic, and their unique formula of Gothic, glamour and modern style. The smooth, shiny, clean texture of the pieces lends itself a refreshingly modern aesthetic, as do the brightly coloured gems chosen to impose as eyes and bones for the delicate designs, though the fundamental foundations of the collections are primarily Gothic, dark but beautiful. My Flash Trash have a feeling that the Bronte sisters would have loved to walk around the marshes flaunting the skull pendants, and wearing the Fossa ring while writing their next Gothic instalment of novels.
Though we’d prefer to wear them with a black dress to an event, or to make our jeans and jumper combination a little bit more exciting. Whether you need to dress up a day to day ensemble, or get the finishing touch for that red carpet worthy dress, Violet Darkling is at your service with. Their pieces are the perfect conversation the starter, the perfect eye catcher, the instant style updater. So, what will it be for you? A skull with a bow on a ring, or a wolf with purple eyes on a necklace?

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