Goats up a tree!

UNBELEAFABLE! This tree is groaning under the weight of NINE hungry goats.

The adventurous animals had climbed the Moroccan Argan tree to tuck into its leaves and olive-like fruit.
One even made it to the very top of the 17ft plant.
The animals — better known for navigating mountain ranges — head into trees when food is hard to come by.
Photographer Gavin Oliver was driving through Morocco when he spotted the scene by the side of the road.
The 38-year-old snapper, from Sydney, Australia, said: "There were about 30 goats, with the ones in the tree already in place when we were driving past.
"The tree branches were bobbing up and down under the weight of the goats every time they moved."
"The herd of goats were being looked after by a young teenage shepherd, who you can just make out behind the tree."