Alice in Wonderland Ballet

Oh my ears and whiskers!

First we were introduced to Alice via the best seller by Lewis Carroll, Alice
 Through the Looking Glass. Then Tim Burton tried his hand by
 turning Alice into a bestselling motion picture.

Now The Royal Opera House and  The English Nation Ballet have joined forces to
bring us what looks like a gastronomic feast for the eyes!




Have a sneak peak at the show here.

We love the intriguing and mysterious universe of Alice in Wonderland.
Likewise, Violet Darkling is a combination of wit and imagination .
Our collection 'Treasures of Darkling Wood', transports us back to our childhood and reminds us of the fears, the magic, and fascination with 'creatures of the night'.
If you ask me, our Tarsier and the Fossa would fit in just fine in Wonderland!!