They can't Denizen it.... They love Violet Darkling!

Thank you once again to Denizen magazine for featuring Violet Darkling.
Februarys issue sees our Designer Louisa giving the ultimate guide to London.

Louisa Richwhite is one half of the fantastical jewellery line, Violet Darkling. The talented New Zealand born designer combines her outdoor roots and quirky sense of humour to bring to life her distinctive and bewitching designs that range from nocturnal animals to stars and bones bejewelled with semi-precious stones. After growing up in New Zealand, her family relocated to Switzerland when Louisa was 14, and then onto England, where she began her university studies. Take one look at Louisa’s jewellery designs, inspired by a fascination with after dark and her vivid imagination, and it’s no surprise to find her favourite places in London are all unique and slightly magical themselves. With this in mind, we asked Louisa to take us through the city she has long called home.

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