November is possibly the most mischievous month in the calendar. The Anglo-Saxons referred to it as the 'blood month' - probably because this was the month in which they killed their animals for food.

Then there is Bonfire Night, Halloween, fires, ghosts…. I mean it's sort of like the naughty sister to wholesome December; a time to indulge all one's devious desires. And what better place to start this sinister spree than with a piece (or two) of Violet Darkling jewellery.

Worn by a select but stylish crew including Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Edie Campbell, Violet's covetable collection is inspired by 'darkness' and all things nocturnal and magical. My advice? Slip one of these seductive adornments on and wait for the magic to happen.’s-jewellery-news-flash-3.aspx