Copy Cat!

Copy Cat, Copy Cat

We at Violet Darkling are all for the animals, all shapes and all sizes! So stumbling across these puuuurfectly cool Kitty flats put a big smile on our faces.
Its time to scrap the skyscrapers and away with the wedges.... Its flat time!

Thank you to Charlotte Olympia, wearing flats couldn't be cooler. Coming in at a sweet £485 it seems a steep price to pay, BUT with a leather lining and Velvet body and not to mention the Cat face; That's the price we pay for exentric luxury. For those of you that just cant  ditch the heels.... they also come in a heeled court. Could they be any more perfect!

Already there has been an influx of celebs dying to don these fab flats, FINALLY they have
an excuse to dress down, Thank you Charlotte Olympia.