Fossa Ring features on Gift Ideas website

This fierce Fossa Ring by Violet Darkling boldly declares your love for everything wild. It is instantly memorable and guaranteed to attract attention.
Crafted of silver, plated with softly gleaming rose-gold, and polished to a mirror finish, it shines with sunset hues.
Pink tourmaline eyes glitter and spark with a low flame. Look closely; the detail is astounding. The nostrils flare, the jaw tenses, the fangs hang precariously, waiting to snap. This ring’s unique design creates an unusual profile that almost jumps right off of your finger. No one fails to notice this beautiful piece.
Although we love its design, we are fascinated by its concept. Wolves and panthers and other carnivorous creatures are usually depicted with such masculinity in fashion — formed into iron and steel jewelry, roughly stitched onto dark, tailored clothing.
This piece was so clearly designed to appeal to and adorn women that we must tip our hat to its creator, who has given us a gorgeous, utterly feminine piece proclaiming that women have a fierce side, too.