PLANET NOTION Designer profile: Louisa Richwhite of Violet Darkling

Designer profile: Louisa Richwhite of Violet Darkling

Louisa Richwhite takes advantage of a fascination with magical things that go bump in the night, and a childhood spent exploring imagination into her fantastical jewellery collections. Mixing luxurious metals and stones with darker motifs, her pieces can be childlike and edgy at the same time and are winning support from celebrities and jewellery connoisseurs alike.

Signature Style: luxury materials transformed into individual pieces inspired by creatures of the night.

PlanetNotion: What is your proudest career moment to date?
Louisa Richwhite: It’s hard to pinpoint one specific moment as every day I feel especially proud for so many reasons… I’m so appreciative when receiving compliments on the jewelry whether it’s through press, blogs, people taking a general interest in the brand, and now I even get fan mail! Every time a piece sells I feel inspired and with positive feedback I’m motivated to go on developing the collection. Working every day with people who are devoted to the success of Violet Darkling is something I am very proud of. They are there because they believe in the brand, and they believe in my vision and creations. It’s also very flattering to see successful and talented people like Rihanna and Sienna Miller wearing my jewelry.

PN: Ultimate goal for the future?
LR: It would be my dream to have a Violet Darkling destination boutique which transports you into Violets crazy, dark, charming, and slightly witty world. As well as stocking luxury jewelry I would like to diversify into Violet Darkling nightwear, bed linen, and even Violet Darkling chocolates!

PN: Which of your creations has stood out the most for you?
LR: It would probably be the Spider Bow earrings because they are unique, delicate and feminine but with a dark twist. The spider alone maybe creepy, but the bow adds a girly element and becomes the spiders thread. I love that as a pair they are asymmetric, giving the wearer a quirky individuality.

PN: What is your greatest source of inspiration?
LR: My work is inspired by anything and everything ‘Of the night’. The current collection is called ‘Treasures of the Darkling Wood’ which is based on fierce nocturnal creatures with big eyes and sharp teeth; animals of a child’s nightmare. I have added bow, and cute details to give them a girly femininity. The candy coloured gemstones are inspired by midnight feasts for example

PN: What is the best lesson you’ve learned since starting out in fashion?
LR: Make sure the people working under your umbrella work to your standards and reciprocate the hard work you put in.