Simon's Horses

Simon Procter was raised in a small mining village in the industrial North of England,  He studied Fine Art for many years specializing in painitng and  sculpture.

It was whilst doing a variety of odd jobs to survive in Paris that he met by accident a member of the celebrated New York Visionaire team James Kaliardos. He was asked to do the somewhat dangerous task of shooting a Dior show from 100 feet up in the roof. From this  (his first ever fashion show) he produced his first ever fashion image. This evolved rapidly to become two major stories in V Magazine, an exhibition at Colette (sponsored by both Armani and Prada) and finally to be picked up by Karl Lagerfeld for his publishing company 7L. Shortly after these successes he was picked up  the prestigious Jed Root talent Agency in New York.

Within a few years Simon has become on of the most successful  advertising photographers in the world and after his first international exhibition at Art Basel in 2008 also one of the most collectible Fine Art photographers of his generation.

Simon currently lives between Paris and New York.