ANDREA GALVANI-Violet's latest art obsession



Andrea Galvani was born in Verona, Italy in 1973.
He lives and works in Milan and Brooklyn.

"I work for weeks in an area. The process involves camping out, building temporary structures, shifting animals, people and physically intervening the space. In fact, I feel that I need to get close to the land, to slowly repossess it in order to then violate it, turn it on it's head using different materials including smoke, mirrors, balloons, images'fragments. 
I'm trying to reactivate the visual mechnanism through real actions.
The relationship with experience, risk, atmospheric phenomenon and physical limitations of means as well as the site in wich I work, are all deciding factors in the development of my projects. My research often takes on a scientific aspect, focusing attention on the invisible mechanisms that construct and transform life." 

Andrea Galvani was born in Verona in 1973. He lives and works in Milan and has distinguished himself in the last few years as an artist who pushes the boundaries of the photographic medium. He is fascinated by science and it’s models of representation. As well as in the multiplicity of languages, signs, and in their relationship in history; in tables and graphics as synthesis of philosophical, political, and economic concepts. Andrea has a predilection for the photographic medium but avails often to other mediums, most of all video, drawing and wall painting. He’s considered one of the Italy’s most promising young artists.