Nagi Noda.

Animal Hair Style

Nagi Noda


野田 凪

Nagi Noda has always been an artist I have looked up to and been inspired by, 
from fine art and interiors, to jewellery design. 
She was a Japanese pop artist and director from Tokyo
born in 1973, and unfortunately died in 2008. 
She established her own studio in Uchu Country, in 2003, then went on to create
 ads for Nike and Coca-cola, album covers and music videos for artists such as
 Hikaru Utada and the Scissor Sisters
She did many other creative projects like the poodle exercise video, and the Hanpanda-
the soft toy which is always half panda and half another animal. 
Hanpandas are as lovable as a toy as they are collectable as artworks. 
In 2006, gigantic two metre tall Hanpandas were exhibited at ddd gallery in Osaka, 
and have since been to places such as Ginza Graphic Gallery Tokyo,
 and also to Colette in Paris.
In the US, she was represented by Partizan Entertainment and well-known 
in the New York art scene for being super-fun to hang out with.
She was a brilliant artist and wonderful talent.