How to plan Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping at first can be fun....but after a while can become rather tedious, with the the hoards of people, making decisions, queues etc, etc. So let us help you make Christmas shoppping easier this year!


Things You'll Need:

  1. Make a list of all the people you want to buy for this year. Include all family members, friends and co-workers. Group together couples or other people who you only want to get one gift for.

  2. Go down each line and brainstorm gift ideas. If you don't already have ideas, you can use resources such as the person's relatives or friends. Searching the Internet or flipping through store catalogs is also helpful for gift ideas.

  3. Look up each item online or in store catalogs once you have all your gift ideas written down. Try to find the best deal you can. You may find it cheaper at a discount store or there may be a reduction in price if you order the item from the company website.

  4. Write the name of the store or website that you need to go to get each gift. Your list should now include the name of the person, the name of the gift and the name of the store or website where you will be purchasing the gift.

  5. Group together the items that you'll be getting at the same store. Make a separate shopping list for each store. You can also group your online orders together. Some company websites give a discount on shipping if multiple items are ordered at the same time.

  6. Plan your shopping route. Organize these separate lists by what stores are in the same shopping plaza. Figure out what shopping centres you'll be going to first and put the lists in the according order. You're ready to shop

    .............or if that all seems a bit complicated, simply log onto: !!   ; )