Lolly Cake

Violet is missing lolly cake. 
And here I give you the recipe! Although, if not in NZ it may be hard to come accross the ingredients....unless bought online.
Lolly cake is a New Zealand speciality, and is filled with "lollies!!" (candy) 
The traditional lollies used are Eskimos or Fruit Puffs which are like firm, slightly chewy fruity marshmallows. Malt biscuits and coconut are also used and other ingredients can be added or substituted. Its super easy to make, and only takes 10 minutes! Yeee. 


125g Butter
180g fruit puffs/Eskimos (not quite a 'gummy' candy- made in different & flavours)
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
250 g biscuits, crushed


1. Melt butter, stir in condensed milk, cool.
2. Stir in Fruit Puffs (cut into four) and crushed biscuits.
3. Shape into log and cover with coconut.
4. Refrigerate.