Its a moonless night but the stars are bright
In Manor of Darkling not a flicker of light.
Enfolded in darkness, she’s escaped to the woods
Safe, warm and cosy wrapped up in her hood.

One may follow her footsteps but try as you might
a mystery surrounds sweet Violet’s flight.
Some say its a lover, but dont be so sure
Maybe its creatures of the forest floor.

Eyes that are sparkling, teeth that snarl bare
They come out in the evening after daylight’s glare.
Her friends of the woodlands, she knows will be there.

With the birth of a new day these folk slink away       
To the Violet Chamber she will find her way       

Home is her comfort, her special own place,
Pyjamas and slippers and all those things nice…
Creatures for comfort, and jewels to display
Her night time adventures beside her all day..